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Scholarships for Service

Highlights of scholarships that can help you get an education.


Worried that Tuition Assistance or the GI Bill won’t cover all of your financial needs? Lots of schools offer grants and scholarships specifically for their military student population. Check out the offerings at these select schools, and be sure to talk with your school of choice about your scholarship options!

Simone Arrington

Communications Coordinator

Excelsior College

Excelsior College is a regionally accredited, nonprofit, online college focused on helping adults complete their degrees and advance their careers. Founded in 1971, Excelsior meets students where they are—academically and geographically—removing obstacles to the educational goals of adults pursuing continuing education and degree completion.

Among the more than 37,000 currently enrolled students, more than 17,100 are current or former servicemembers. For them, Excelsior College’s Center for Military Education serves as an essential support resource as they pursue their degree. The array of financial, mental health, and wellness services offered through the Center also helps veterans with the transition back to civilian life.

Excelsior College offers reduced tuition rates for military members and veterans throughout its partnerships with veteran organizations at $250 per credit hour. The College offers a multitude of scholarships categorized by branch, status, and affiliation for military, veteran students, and family members in need of financial assistance and support. A number of students were awarded with Excelsior military and veteran scholarships during the 2015-2016 academic year. A list of these scholarships is below:

  • Brigadier General Jerry L. and Judy A. Neff Scholarship (for United States Army National Guard or United States Air National Guard members only)
  • Colonel William C. Lafield Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Margaret Ann Jaunal (nee Davidson) Memorial Scholarship
  • Excelsior College Veteran Endowment Fund
  • Lieutenant General Joseph S. and Anita L. LaPosata Scholarship (for enlisted United States military members and their spouses)
  • Military Financial Assistance Scholarship (for servicemembers and their families)
  • Military Spouse Scholarship
  • The Honorable Bryanne Hamill Scholarship
  • Vivian Runyon Memorial Scholarship (for students enrolled in the Excelsior College School of Liberal Arts)
  • Master Sergeant David K. Thuma Memorial Scholarship (for members of the United States Army Special Forces only)

For more information about applying for scholarships, visit

Dr. Don Jeffrey

Vice Chancellor for Military Affairs

Troy University


The most significant scholarship for active duty members of the armed forces, the Reserves and National Guard is TROY’s Military and Family Scholarship that effectively caps the cost of tuition at $250 per credit hour for both military members and their spouses and dependents. TROY might be the only university in the country to offer such “military friendly” tuition rates at undergraduate and graduate levels to all currently serving members and their families.   This pricing model creates savings in excess of 25 percent at the undergraduate level for families and dependents and 50 percent for graduate work for service members, spouses and dependents. The scholarship also eliminates out-of-pocket tuition costs for active duty, undergraduate and graduate users of Tuition Assistance, and it applies to all TROY locations, including online programs.  The scholarship is awarded automatically to currently serving military, and a streamlined application for spouses and dependents is available at Since the inception of the scholarship in Fall 2016, more than 650 active duty members and 122 spouses or dependents have been awarded the scholarship, from CONUS, Europe, Asia and South America.

For veterans, TROY offers an extensive support team and is partnered with the VA through our Troy for Troops Centers throughout the University system. Troy for Troops provides direct support to all military affiliated students to help them both in academic and financial aid issues. In addition, TROY was one of the first universities in the nation to embrace the Yellow Ribbon Program, and many TROY sites nearest military installations are converting to Troy for Troops Centers to provide enhanced support to military students.

Christopher Tipton

Director of Veterans Initiatives and Outreach

University of Maryland University College

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) offers a wide-range of scholarship opportunities to all military-connected students.  Scholarships are available to students attending classes in the U.S., Europe or Asia and are offered on a semester basis.   UMUC partners with numerous companies, veterans service organizations and alumni in order to offer over 150 unique merit- and need-based scholarship programs.  Several notable scholarships include a scholarship for military spouses studying overseas, a scholarship for military spouses just beginning their college-level studies, scholarships for service members who’ve served in a war zone in the past 2 years, and scholarships aimed at helping recently separated veterans transition to their civilian career. 

A new example for 2017 is the UMUC Veterans Assistance Fund, which will focus on supporting military-connected students in three ways.  The fund will: 1) support students who  run out of GI Bill benefits; 2) who may need to offset the costs of taking online remedial coursework;  3) and/or assist military service members as they transition from service to civilian life.  UMUC’s Pillars of Strength Scholarship has returned again for the 2017-2018 academic year. 

The Pillars of Strength Scholarship is supported by the Yellow Ribbon Fund, and managed by the Blewitt Foundation, each of which serves the severely wounded and their families, in association with UMUC.  The scholarship is a full academic scholarship for the lifetime of the recipient student's program at UMUC and is available to family and non-family volunteer caregivers of our nation's injured service members.  Because this extraordinary commitment to care often causes caregivers to delay their personal pursuits, the fund was established to assist them in achieving their educational goals.  For 2017, UMUC will be offering five (5) scholarships and interested students should apply online by February 28, 2017.

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