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KMI Media Group offers a family of 11 highly-targeted publications serving specific verticals in the military.


Geospatial Intelligence Forum (GIF)


Geospatial Intelligence Forum
The Magazine of the National Intelligence Community

GIF focuses on geospatial information systems and databases, image collection, terrain generation, intelligence distribution, remote sensors and platforms, and homeland security. GIF is the only magazine specifically dedicated to covering every aspect of military geospatial intelligence!

GCT 5-3 Cover


Ground Combat & Tactical ISR
Technology & Intel for the Maneuver Warfighter

Ground Combat & Tactical ISR (GCT) is the publication for the maneuver warfighter. As such, it is the most detailed-oriented publication focused on the art and technology of ground warfare and intelligence gathering. GCT covers all aspects of mobility, lethality, survivability, sustainability and maintainability, as well as the entire realm of gathering, analysis and dissemination of information with the laser-focused intent of delivering actionable intelligence.

Military Advanced Education (MAE)


Military Advanced Education
Journal of Higher Learning for Today's Servicemember

Military Advanced Education is the only magazine produced specifically for servicemembers seeking to take advantage of the military education benefit. MAE covers issues and trends in distance learning and education as they specifically relate to military life, including innovative programs, military educational policy, financial aid and coursework that offers special opportunities for military personnel.

Military Information Technology


Military Information Technology
The Voice of Military Communications and Computing

Military Information Technology is the publication of record for the defense information technology community. It is the only magazine or media dedicated exclusively to this lucrative market sector. MIT features all aspects of IT in defense and national security applications enterprise technology and systems integration, networking and information sharing, security, satcom and telecom, data warehousing, rugged computing, video conferencing, tactical systems and C4ISR.

Military Logistics Forum (MLF)


Military Logistics Forum
The Publication of Record for the Military Logistics Community

MLF is the publication of record for the military logistics community. We detail every aspect of the supply chain from contracting and acquisition, development, life cycle management, reset and recap, asset management, and process improvement from factory to fort and beyond. Congress, senior Pentagon leadership, the service's logistics communities and the logistician in theater all turn to MLF.

Military Medical & Veterans Affairs Forum (M2VA)


Military Medical & Veterans Affairs Forum
Dedicated to the Military Medical & VA Community

Military Medical & Veterans Affairs Forum (M2VA) is the only independent magazine focusing on the Department of Veterans Affairs and those caring for our servicemembers. The publication covers the latest technology and applications in military medicine, from telemedicine and surgical simulation to battlefield response and evacuation, pharmaceuticals, digital imaging, medical information technologies and much more.

Military Training Technology


Military Training Technology
America's Longest Established Simulation & Training Magazine

Military Training Technology focuses on all issues related to training and preparing the armed forces. Coverage includes simulation and modeling systems, interactive and visual displays, distributed learning, courseware, operational and field training, outsourcing, training pyrotechnics, training aircraft, vehicles and platforms, and field ranges. Military Training Technology is the recognized leader in covering all aspects of military readiness for all services of our armed forces.

NPEO 2-3 Cover


Navy Air/Sea PEO Forum
The Admirals' Magazine

Navy Air/Sea PEO Forum (NPEO) is the only publication exclusively targeted to advancing dialogue between senior naval program leadership, Congress and industry. NPEO highlights program initiatives, emerging technologies and policy decisions the U.S. Navy needs to maintain the maritime tactical and strategic advantage. NPEO is the source for information as the Navy pivots to the Pacific and takes center stage in the coming years, with heavy editorial content focus on aerial, surface and undersea programs and technologies.

Special Operations Technology (SOTECH)


Special Operations Technology
World's Largest Distributed Special Ops Magazine

Serving the fast-growing, elite world of special forces and operations, Special Operations Technology provides access to the critical decision-makers involved in making the force lighter, faster and more lethal. SOTECH covers all services and all aspects of special operations, including weapons and gear; communications and net-centric operations; training, transport and tactics; night warfare; counter-insurgency and force protection; and new SOF technologies.

U.S Coast Guard & Border Security (CGF)


U.S. Coast Guard & Border Security
Homeland Security, Maritime Protection & CBRN Response

U.S. Coast Guard & Border Security (GCF) is focused on the Department of Homeland Security and related agencies that secure and maintain the border areas, ports of entry, the coastal and Arctic waters, the environment, the Coast Guard's cutters and aircraft, and surveillance sensors.. In many cases these key agencies are the first responders to major incidents and require the technologies and tools to take proper action, including handling CBRN events.

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